Everyone of us already has the seed of mindfulness, the practice is to cultivate it

-Thich Nhat Hahn

Self Compassion Program - ONLINE

Less self criticism,

More kindness.


80 % of the people is more kind to others than to themselves. Do you recognise this? Luckily being kind to yourself is something you can learn. People who develop mores self compassion experience less feelings of stress, fear, anxiety and depression. 

This SELF COMPASSION training is designed to support you to become better friends with yourself and to learn how to work with your inner critic by cultivating mindful awareness, understanding of self-compassion, reducing self-criticism, developing resilience, and learn positive self-care practices. The training combines a mix of practical exercises, reflective questions, theoretical explanation and audio's together with my personal coaching & guidance

Adding personal coaching to this self paced program will help you gain a deeper learning experience and support your motivation. You will find community & connection with others, a safe place to ask questions, to practice, share & learn together. This combination gives this training a unique live experience! 

The program is carefully designed using the most up to date studies and evidence based research on self compassion (Neff, Germer & Gilbert). This training is based on these studies, advocating for the importance of self-compassion in psychological well-being and personal growth.

The program consists of six modules focusing on understanding self-compassion, addressing the inner critic, developing an observing self (the Observer), learning self-soothing techniques, exploring self-compassionate action, and on integrating these practices into your daily life.

Each module builds upon the previous to help treat yourself with kindness, understanding, and acceptance, recognizing your worth and learning to be your own friend.

The training is designed to follow a period of 6 weeks, but you can set the pace yourself as every online module will only appear once the previous one is finished. 


Contact me for the next group edition of this training. 


  • Module 1 - Introducing Self-Compassion:

This module clarifies what self-compassion is and what it is not. It addresses potential barriers to self-compassion, helping you to start the journey towards being more compassionate with yourself.

  • Module 2 - The Inner Critic:

Focuses on understanding and addressing the inner critic, the internal voice that undermines self-compassion by promoting self-criticism and doubt.

  • Module 3 - The Observer:

Introduces the concept of "the Observer," a mindful, non-judgmental aspect of the self that observes thoughts and feelings without getting entangled in them, offering a powerful alternative to the inner critic.

  • Module 4 - Self-Soothing:

Discusses methods for comforting oneself in times of distress, emphasizing the nurturing aspect of self-compassion and how to soothe oneself with kindness and care.

  • Module 5 - Self-Compassionate Action:

Explores the active side of self-compassion, focusing on actions that protect, provide for, and motivate oneself towards positive change, embodying self-compassion in practical life situations.

  • Module 6 - Integration in Daily Life:

Aims to integrate the insights and practices learned throughout the program into daily life, ensuring that self-compassion becomes a sustained and living practice.


  • Self paced online program of 6 modules
  • 4 online 1 hour group coaching sessions with Liz 
  • Use of coaching platform via app or desktop
  • Modules in English, group coaching Dutch or English
  • Practices, theory, reflections, exercises & audio's
  • Content download for lifelong use
  • BONUS: 1 private coaching session after the program finished upon your request


Now from 299,- for €229, euro (min. 2 participants)

Also possible to follow this training in a 1:1 session, contact me for more info & prices. 

Schedule a FREE CALL with me to find out how this program can benefit you!


Mindful Living with Grief - Thursday June 20

A practical workshop to explore how to be with our grief

From 18.30 - 21.30 hrs.

@ Soma da Terra, (1 min. south of) Aljezur, Portugal

Suggested donation €20,- - €35,-

This workshop is open to all who experience grief. Whether this is from loosing a loved one, something significant in life or any other from of loss.

What to expect:

Companionship & Support


Practices & Tools


Reflection &Integration

This meeting is for you if:

* you like to explore (new) ways on how to be with your grief

* you wish for your grief to be witnessed

* you would like to learn more about grief and grieving

* you look for companionship on your journey of grief

* you look for some time to be with yourself

Register to reserve your place.

Mindfulness INTENSIVE 

Next edition in Summer - date t.b.a.

A day of Silence & Practice

10.00 - 16.00 hrs 

Soma da Terra (1 min. South of) Aljezur

Suggested donation €30,- to €55,-

No experience needed

What to expect: 

Mindfulness practices


Teaching & Theory

Noble silence from 11 - 16 hrs

Reflection & Integration 

This day is for you if: 

  • You want to refresh or learn about mindfulness and meditation 
  • You look for a space to practice with others 
  • Look for quiet time and inner silence
  • You would like to learn more about the practice of self compassion
  • You need a day just for you 

Bring your own personal lunch to eat in silence and some fruit or cookies to share. 

Register to reserve your place.

Mindfulness for Life

An 8 week in person group training.

The Mindfulness for Life training (also known as MBCT-L / MBSR) is a well-established and scientifically-proven program. You learn to pay attention in a different way, learn to be less occupied by the mind and thinking and will find new ways for moving through difficulties. This training will support your overal well-being, mental health and feelings of calm and joy.

Online, one -to -one

Or group - in person

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Resilience X

A 6 session 1 tot 1 coaching training (online or in person). You will gain understanding on the holistic perspective of resilience. This training (based in positive psychology and mindfulness) will give you practical tools to enhance your resilience and to navigate and thrive in the face of challenges. You will grow a positive and more resilient mindset, leaving you empowered to move through lives difficulties and beauties

Online, 1 -to 1.

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