`Birth is a life key experience that a mother will remember for the rest of her life´

Doula liz

`My intention is for every mother and family to have the best birth experience possible, given the cirumstances of the moment, and to support them every step of the way´- Liz

As a doula I am available to offer pregnant women and families emotional, physical, mindful support during the phases of pregnancy, birth and after birth. I am companioning women and families by holding space for their personal journey to unfold in it's own unique way, surrounded by trust, care and love.

Mindful Birthing

My unique doula approach comes from my many years experience of being a mindfulness trainer and practicioner. I would like to share with you how to engage the mind to work with the pain, intense sensation, fear and anxiety during labor while at the same time increasing confidence and courage for the experience of labor and delivery.

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A Doula can offer you evidence based information. She supports you so that you can discover how to make your own informed and conscious choices for pregnancy, birth and after birth (post-partum). 

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A Doula offers non judgemental support. She knows your wishes, your fears and your strenghts. She can help you and your partner prepare for birth by; looking deeply into all the physiological and emotional aspects of pregnancy and birth and your relationship with them, by exploring your wishes for birth with the support of a birthplan, by practicing to mindfully cope with pain and intense sensations during labor, and by helping to prepare for the post partum period to ease the transition into parenthood. 


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A Doula offers continuous emotional and physical support during one or all of the phases of pregancy, birth and after birth.  She can be continiously present during your labour regardless the duration and place. She can play a crucial role in helping a partner become involved in the birth to the exend he/she feels comfortable. 


As a doula I do not:

* Make decisions for you or give second opinions. I do not make decisions for clients or intervenes in their medical care. I provides informational and emotional support, while respecting a women´s decisions.

* Perform any medical tasks.
A Doula is a non medical childbirth professional. Doulas do not replace midwifes, nurses or other medical staff. Doulas do not perform clinical or medical tasks like taking blood pressure, or temperature, monitoring fetal heart rate or doing vaginal examination. They are there to comfort the mother through continious emotional and physical support.

Our home birth journey started with Liz's prenatal mindfullness sessions. Firstly Liz kindly ajusted her offer to my needs since i was already in my third trimester. The 3h sessions long were very informative and well guided, with a theoretical and a practice part too. We really appreciated the body scan meditation at the beginning of each session to start with a mindful and relaxed state of mind. Throughout each session, she was regularly checking in, providing helpful informations and holding space if needed. My partner felt confident and empowered to support me.

I really appreciated her peaceful presence, holding my hand, but allowing also enough space to feel empowered and dive into each wave of contraction. I strongly recommend Liz as a Doula for her gentleness, the different tools of mindfullness provided, but overall just a beautiful soul to meet in this intimate and unique experience.

~Nadiya & baby Hanae~

I really loved meeting Liz and working with her. I really appreciated her mindful birthing techniques. It showed me how to be more present in my body and how I could focus on other things going on in my body than just the pain. Since then I have taken that technique into different situations and it worked. I really got a lot out of our time together.

~ Jacinta, pregnant ~

My husband and I would thoroughly recommend Liz and her doula sessions to any expecting parents and mothers. At the start of our sessions (pregnant with baby number 3) I was very fearful and nervous to be going through labour again and how I would deal with the contraction and labour pains. By the end of our sessions I felt so relieved and empowered in this pregnancy and so prepared for this birth. The information Liz gave me/us, together with the breathing practices and exercises, labour is no longer something I am nervous about, but I'm calm and confident. I had the 'toolbox' to go through it in the most prepared way possible. Thank you Liz, your knowledge, kindness and calm approach throughout our sessions were amazing!!

~Jemma, Pedro & baby Mason~

Doula Services

My intention is for every session to follow it´s natural flow related to questions and wishes of the pregnant women/couple and prepared themes. Every session will include one or several mindful awareness exercises (sitting, laying or movement) to facilitate a growing connection with the body, the baby, the breath, the present moment.

Themes that could be covered during the sessions are:

-Fysiology of pregnancy and birth

-Hormonal landscape of pregancy and birth

-Dreams, wishes, and joys

-Difficulties, worries, fears, stress, emotions

-Partner / relationship connection (communication, emotions,sexuality, difficulties, exercises)

-Natural birth – medicalized birth

-Women´s rights in birth & informed consent

-Conscious discision making

-Preparation of a birth plan

-Hospital birth preparation

-Home birth preparation

-Body & mind preparation for birth (stretches, perineum massage,pelvic work, body awareness, breath excersises, mindfulness &awareness exercises)

-Couple preparation for birth (movements, postures, massagestechniques, breath excersises, feeling of touch)

-Consciously and mindfully working with pain and intense sensations

-Hands on practices with experiencing pain and intense sensations in adifferent way

-Preparation for post partum period

-and more

Post partum care could include:
- Mother (emotional) support
- Questions and concerns
- Processing of the birth experience

Doula Service Packages:

Contact me to receive your personal doula service package offer. 

During our journey of having our first baby, Liz´s energy was one of full presence. She has this amazing, natural, caring nature. You constantly feel fully supported & listened to. Never once do you feel like she tries to push any of her ideas on you, instead she feels like this wonderful guide that helps you make sense of what you truly want for your birth and empowers you to the fullest. We can´t recommend her enough.

~ Shaini, Antonio & baby Yazmin ~

​´Life goes by so fast, it's important to learn how to press on pause sometimes and enjoy it even more.
I strongly recommend the Mindfulness training with Liz, especially during pregancy! It helped me to reduce stress, let go of some fear I had and make the best of it. It gave me tools to help going through difficult or painful moments which is a plus during labour. The breathing exercise especially helps me a lot in my everyday life when motherhood gets a little overwhelming. And a relaxed mama makes a happier family ;) Liz is a wonderful person and trainer, she was very understanding and respectful of my condition and rhythm. Do something good for yourself and discover a mindful life with Liz, you won't regret it!!`

~Evelyne & baby Matilda~

´I am so grateful that I met Liz. She accompanied me during my pregnancy. The greatest gift she gave me was the organization of a women circle with my friends in the last month of my pregnancy. It was magical!!! My friends and I celebrated my pregnancy, the power of nature, the baby and my body. ​I felt absolutely energized for the birth and had wonderful last weeks of pregnancy in which the memories of my Pregancy Circle were present every day. And they were also there during the birth where it helped me to stay focused on the positive and trust me and my babies body. Again, I am so grateful that I had Liz by my side and I can highly recommend her´.

~ Antonia & baby Flynn