If the path before you is clear, you are probably on someone else´s

- Joseph Campbell -

Mindful Coaching

Through mindful coaching you will gain connection, creativity, calmness, focus and balance by using different tools, practices and insights. You will learn slowing down, pausing, connecting, meditating and finding silence, benefiting you, your personal health and well being.

We will look at the present, the now, discovering where you are, through reflective exercises and mindfulness & meditation practises. We will explore what it means to hold space for your experience (no matter how it feels). We will practice bringing awareness into aspects of your life where you experience challenge, struggle, difficulty. We work with setting intentions and exploring conscious choice and change. We will bring awareness to the joys and beauties in your life, to your strenghts and qualities and how to bring them into your daily awareness, We will practice with kindness and self-compassion.

In your home setting you are invited to practice with meditation and awareness exercises. We also work with an online coaching program through wich I send you little activities and exercises to stay connected with your intention, learning and exploration in between sessions.

My guidance & coaching will evolve around holding space for your experiece, your journey, your life at this moment in time. We are together learning to be present with what is, without wanting to immediately change, solve or fix things. Moving to and coming from a place of connection & inner silence. To look deeply, to feel deeply, to meet yourself where you are right now in your life. Making space for that connection to happen, discovering your relationship with your own experience, releasing resitance and deeply breathing with what it.

My coaching approach is not about: fixing you, you are not broken; it´s not about advising you, you are the expert in your own life; it´s not about changing you, you are perfect as you are. My support doesn´t involve any psychotherapy or counseling. It´s a unique approach deeply rooted in mindfulness practices & the art of holding space.

“Liz is an amazing coach.

The sessions are enjoyable since she uses different techniques and exercises through which you get to connect with your inner being. In addition the exercises done at home also keep you connected with your intention. Liz is an empathic and available person and you immediately feel in a safe space where you can share and be yourself.

I recommend her services not only for people who are having a difficult time but for all those who want to grow internally”


I offer my coaching in person and online (zoom).
We can meet in a coaching space in Alfambras, 5 min south of Aljezur or at another location.
I also travel the south west coast of the Algarve & the south of the Alentejo
I speak Dutch, English, intermediate Portugese & - German.

A session is 1 to 1,5hrs long with sliding scale exchange between 50 - 80 euro.
Depending on location some fuel costs might be added.
If finances bring up difficulties, please let me know and we can explore possibilities.

My inspiration

´Action doesn´t always need to be the first step to solve our challenges, struggles, questions or problems in life...
What about STOPPING first?
We are so used to accept that activity, will & effort are the only ways to create change, that we find it difficult to grasp that some of the deepest transformations of our heart will occur in the presence of SILENCE.
Silence is not a way of fixing the past, or planning the future; It´s a way of simply being PRESENT´

~Christina Feldman ~