If the path before you is clear, you are probably on someone else´s

- Joseph Campbell -

Mindful Coaching

In my coaching sessions my intention is to create a space where we can drop beyond the surface, supporting change and transformation to happen on a deeper level.

I´d like to guide you to a place where your own connection with a deeper sense of self leads and guides you in life.

What do I offer:

* One -to-one (online) coaching sessions

* Deep listening

* A safe space & container for inner exploration

* Silence in the coaching space

* Coaching from the heart

* Practices, tools and exercises based in mindfulness, positive psychology and science

* Online home practices (to stay engaged in between sessions, that´s where the change happens)

* Meditation practice

* Compassionate support

We work with coaching practices that invite you to engage on a deeper level with yourself and your surrounding. We do this by looking into the ways that we´ve been taught on how to think, look, act and live. We dive into the topics like meaning, purpose, values, directions.

We look into the practice of resilience, (self) compassion, intention, helpful thoughts, emotional regulation strategies, strengths, self care, etc.

Why would you want to work with me as a coach?

Here are some examples.

* to explore how to make choices that are truly yours

* to manage stress & work/life balance differently

* to bring mindfulness / meditation into your life

* to gain insight into who you are, your strengths, capabilities, values and needs.

* to explore how to find more meaning, depth in your life

* to grow more awareness of your thought patterns

* to explore, understand what is holding you back

* to explore blockages/beliefs that prevent you from moving forward

* to learn to feel and understand your feelings differently

* to learn to deal with other people´s feelings in a different way

* to understand what is important for you, what motivates you

* to learn to enhance your resilience

* to learn about your feelings of grief & loss

.......... fill in your wishes

Through mindful coaching you will gain connection, creativity, calmness, focus and balance.

You will learn slowing down, pausing, connecting, meditating and finding silence, benefiting you, your personal health, and your feelings of well being & joy.

My coaching approach is not about: fixing you, you are not broken; it´s not about advising you, you are the expert in your own life; it´s not about changing you, you are perfect as you are.

My support doesn´t involve any psychotherapy or counseling. It´s a unique approach deeply rooted in mindfulness practice, positive psychology, science & the art of holding space.

Read here about me.

I would highly recommend Liz as a personal coach.

She creates a safe space and is empathic and generous. 

Liz is always extending her own practice and has a wide knowledge of other teachers and practices. The beauty of personal coaching is that I set the agenda.

We were able to focus on areas where I felt I needed extra support. 

The coaching enabled me to deepen my mindfulness practice through discussion, meditation and a range of exercises and techniques.

This gave me tools to work with some personal issues and challenges, but also reminded me to value the joy and beauty surrounding me.

Liz always responded to me from a place of authenticity. She is very kind.

I really looked forward to the sessions as this was a time just for me.

I came away from our sessions each time feeling lighter, calmer and generally with a sense of well-being.

Thank you Liz ´´


“Liz is an amazing coach.

The sessions are enjoyable since she uses different techniques and exercises through which you get to connect with your inner being. In addition the exercises done at home also keep you connected with your intention. Liz is an empathic and available person and you immediately feel in a safe space where you can share and be yourself.

I recommend her services not only for people who are having a difficult time but for all those who want to grow internally”


“I decided to work with Liz because I felt the need of guidance through an uneasy and turbulent time. It was hard for me to stay present and see things as they are because of my very busy mind. My profession is connected with holding space for others and that was a moment when I truly needed someone to hold space for me. Liz is creating this soft and kind atmosphere that was allowing me to comfortably open and share my struggles and insights. I have learned new things about myself. Throughout the sessions I had some ´aha´ moments” when I was able to notice things about my mindset and behaviour that were keeping me away form things that I wanted to achieve.

I am glad I asked Liz for her support.


Curious about Coaching


* A 3 step orientation into coaching, self reflection, self discovery, meditation and the practice of being

(instead of doing).

* Home practices in between session (via app) to enhance learning, engagement and discovery.

* A pre coaching intake and introduction session is part of the package.



3 sessions online

90 min. each

€ 375,- incl.

Includes introduction & intake session and home practices (online) in between sessions. Payment is done is two installments of €95,- and €280,-. Need financial support? Please contact me. Online exercises are in English, coaching in Dutch or English. In person coaching possible in SW Algarve. Contact me for possibilities.

Free introduction call

A short orientation session to learn about the dynamics of coaching (online), to share your story, to get to know me,

 and to discover how mindful coaching can support you.

1 session online

20 min.

Coaching in English or Dutch. In person coaching possible in SW Algarve.  Contact me to schedule your call!

Resilience Coaching


* A practical 6 session program which supports you to enhance your resilience and create a positive mindset leaving you empowered to move with the (unexpected) waves of life.

* Gain understanding in your values and strenghts .

* Learn how you  can grow your resilience

* Program is based in positive psychology and mindfulness.

* You´ll receive a coaching manual (English,pdf) to support learning and exploration in between sessions.

* A pre coaching intake & introduction is part of the package

Intake session


6 sessions online

90 min. each

€630,- incl

Includes introduction & intake session and  home practices in between sessions plus Resilience X coaching manual (pdf). Payments should be done in two installments of €95,- and €535,-. Need financial support? Please contact me. Online exercises and manual are in English, coaching in Dutch or English. In person coaching possible in SW Algarve.

Contact me for possibilities. 

My inspiration

´Action doesn´t always need to be the first step to solve our challenges, struggles, questions or problems in life...
What about STOPPING first?
We are so used to accept that activity, will & effort are the only ways to create change, that we find it difficult to grasp that some of the deepest transformations of our heart will occur in the presence of SILENCE.
Silence is not a way of fixing the past, or planning the future; It´s a way of simply being PRESENT´

~Christina Feldman ~