May your kindess return to you in the same beautiful way it was offered

- thank you -

I would highly recommend Liz as a personal coach.

She creates a safe space and is empathic and generous. 

Liz is always extending her own practice and has a wide knowledge of other teachers and practices. The beauty of personal coaching is that I set the agenda.

We were able to focus on areas where I felt I needed extra support. 

The coaching enabled me to deepen my mindfulness practice through discussion, meditation and a range of exercises and techniques.

This gave me tools to work with some personal issues and challenges, but also reminded me to value the joy and beauty surrounding me.

Liz always responded to me from a place of authenticity. She is very kind.

I really looked forward to the sessions as this was a time just for me.

I came away from our sessions each time feeling lighter, calmer and generally with a sense of well-being.

Thank you Liz ´´

“I decided to work with Liz because I felt the need of guidance through an uneasy and turbulent time. It was hard for me to stay present and see things as they are because of my very busy mind. My profession is connected with holding space for others and that was a moment when I truly needed someone to hold space for me. Liz is creating this soft and kind atmosphere that was allowing me to comfortably open and share my struggles and insights. I have learned new things about myself. Throughout the sessions I had some ´aha´ moments” when I was able to notice things about my mindset and behaviour that were keeping me away form things that I wanted to achieve.

I am glad I asked Liz for her support.

Grief companionship review

“Thank you for your support during my griefing process, your involvement, your kind words and your soft presence. ”

Grief companionship review

“Meeting with you in my whole mourning process helped me a lot. It changed my life. Namaste. ”

Mindful Coaching review

“Liz is an amazing coach.

The sessions are enjoyable since she uses different techniques and exercises through which you get to connect with your inner being. In addition the exercises done at home also keep you connected with your intention. Liz is an empathic and available person and you immediately feel in a safe space where you can share and be yourself.

I recommend her services not only for people who are having a difficult time but for all those who want to grow internally”

´This training came at the right time in my life and fulfilled all my expectations. Actually it exceeded my expectations!! I see a difference in myself that I was not expecting and considering possible. It was amazing and I am extremely grateful!´ 

´This training supported me massive to implement my own routine of meditation, it came during a challenging time and supported me to stay calm and in the present moment – accepting´

´Liz guides you in an authentic, calm and knowledged way through the training. Practicing a lot together and at home supports so much to gradually let mindfulness flow into your daily ´reality´. I can highly recommend the training and Liz as a teacher.´

´One of the positive aspects of the training is the fact that everyones well being and mindset can be improved by doing it. The home practice is extremely important to develop an understanding of what mindfulness is all about. Liz exceeds my expectations in every way. She is the perfect person to lead this course. She has a very calming presence, is a wonderful guide and an inspiration to us all. I enjoyed listening to her voice in the meditations. I really believe that mindfulness is the key to living a happy and peaceful life.

´I didn´t know this course ever existed and it has been hugely important to me. Liz lives and breathes it, teaches without it feeling your being thaught to. Her thoughtfulness at everypoint, the humanity, given with humor at times and a smile. It was deliverd with knowledge, passion and compassion. Why is this only an 8 week course?´

´I always wanted to do one training like this since I heard of MBSR in 2014, but never found the right time/trainer, now I know why: It all comes to the right time. It was just right. This training made me see my patterns more cleary and helps in this way for só many things in life, in relationships, in self-development, it helps to deal with difficulties and it really is stress reduction´

`I regained the sense of joyfulness in life, and discovered a peaceful source within myself.`

'I would strongly recommend Liz her training in MBSR. It is helpful for everyone who wants to find a good way of dealing with stress, negative emotions, depression and basically all other stuff in live. It helped me to improve my relationship with my kids, partner and others. I am beyond grateful'. 

´Life goes by so fast, it's important to learn how to press on pause sometimes and enjoy it even more. I strongly recommend the Mindfulness training with Liz, especially during pregancy! It helped me to reduce stress, let go of some fear I had and make the best of it. It gave me tools to help going through difficult or painful moments which is a plus during labour. The breathing exercise especially helps me a lot in my everyday life when motherhood gets a little overwhelming. And a relaxed mama makes a happier family ;)
Liz is a wonderful person and trainer, she was very understanding and respectful of my condition and rhythm. Do something good for yourself and discover a mindful life with Liz, you won't regret it!!`

' This training is such a great tool - for everyone - I wouldn't say that it's easy because you also have to deal with unpleasant things. But it taught me so much acceptance and self-compassion. Something that I find really hard. I am good with others, but for myself I am always striving for more. It allows also the unpleasant feelings, thoughts and sensations to have their place and space. And I am also very good at avoiding this, which for me then leads to anxiety in the end. The training was really good for observing myself, my patterns and also noticing when I'm crossing some of my boundaries'.

'This training is useful on so many levels. Wether you are hoping to reduce pain, emotional or physical, or trying to simply live a more conscious life. This training will provide you with a set of skills for the rest of your life. Life-enhancing stuff!!'

`Everyone should treat himself with a course like this, because it´s an awesome way to start feeling yourself, reflecting on your thoughts, learning to be nice to yourself and the world around you by simply sitting in silence for the greater good´

 ‘The best present I could give myself’.

 “This is essential for everybody”

 'The training has opened up my heart and mind. I just have to continue now!'

“Loved the MBSR training from Liz! The training was for me an excellent way to learn to integrate mindfulness into my daily life. It has provided me with very practical tools and throughout the training Liz finds ways to give you these ‘Aha!” moments that can really change the way you react and act in life. It’s certainly something everyone would benefit from!”

 ‘I would recommend this course to anyone seriously looking for tools to help reduce day to day stress and increase wellbeing’.

 “This is really life changing. A training everyone should make. I am very very grateful. This influences all my important issues in life – marriage, friendship, motherhood, work..., my feelings and body sensations!”

`Mindfulness is everything you miss, without knowing. It is the path that doesn´t change anything but really touches everything. It shows what real freedom looks like & how to live according to the highest human values. Thank you!`

`I recommend this training because it is very helpfull to take a break, to open up to what is there inside and to listen, feel, experience without judgement, to accept, to be kind & curious. It releases a feeling of freedom´

´Liz is pure and professional and will open the doors to the marvelous world of mindfulness to you with such enthusiasm, passion and knowledge. You learn things about yourself that are essential to grow and the whole course feels like a gift to yourself´